Germonda Mooij

Germonda Mooij studied Physical Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, which she followed up with a PhD in Computational Physics at the AMOLF institute with prof. Daan Frenkel (completed in 1993). She then spent over 20 years working as a Reservoir Engineer for Shell in several countries, until she enrolled in the Master program Artificial Intelligence at Radboud University in September 2016.  In May 2018 she has completed her internship at the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group researching Automatic Prostate MRI segmentation with Deep Learning Algorithms under supervision of  Henkjan Huisman.  Germonda is currently working on her master's thesis in DIAG, researching Generative Modelling of Pathology images under supervision of  Francesco Ciompi. At the Radboud University she is supervised by  Marcel van Gerven.