Publications of Nikita Moriakov


Papers in conference proceedings

  1. K. Michielsen, N. Moriakov, J. Teuwen and I. Sechopoulos. "Deep Learning-based Initialization of Iterative Reconstruction for Breast Tomosynthesis", in: 6th International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography, 2020.

  2. N. Moriakov, J. Adler and J. Teuwen. "Kernel of CycleGAN as a principal homogeneous space", in: International Conference on Learning Representations, 2020. Abstract/PDF URL



  1. R. Dilz, L. Schröder, N. Moriakov, J.-J. Sonke and J. Teuwen. "Learned SIRT for Cone Beam Computed Tomography Reconstruction", arXiv:1908.10715 2019. Abstract

  2. P. Putzky, D. Karkalousos, J. Teuwen, N. Moriakov, B. Bakker, M. Caan and M. Welling. "i-RIM applied to the fastMRI challenge", arXiv:1910.08952 2019. Abstract/PDF

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. N. Moriakov, K. Michielsen, R. Mann, J. Adler, I. Sechopolous and J. Teuwen. "Deep learning framework for digital breast tomosynthesis reconstruction", in: Medical Imaging of Proceedings of the SPIE, 2019. Abstract/PDF DOI arXiv

  2. J. van Vugt, E. Marchiori, R. Mann, A. Gubern-Merida, N. Moriakov and J. Teuwen. "Vendor-independent soft tissue lesion detection using weakly supervised and unsupervised adversarial domain adaptation", in: Medical Imaging of Proceedings of the SPIE, 2019. Abstract/PDF DOI


Papers in international journals

  1. N. Moriakov. "On Effective Birkhoff's Ergodic Theorem for Computable Actions of Amenable Groups", Theory of Computing Systems 2017. PDF DOI



  1. N. Moriakov. "Entropy and Kolmogorov complexity", PhD thesis, Delft University of Technology, 2016. Abstract/PDF DOI