Kicky van Leeuwen is awarded her doctoral degree cum laude

On Monday September 25th at 4.30pm, Kicky van Leeuwen defended her PhD thesis on "Validation and implementation of commercial artificial intelligence software for radiology" in the Aula of the Radboud University. After a very successful defense ceremony, Kicky was awarded her doctoral degree cum laude - a great honour indicating her thesis to be in the top five percent in the field! We extend our congratulations to Kicky and wish her all the best in her future career where she will continue to maintain among other exciting plans.

Her thesis describes her groundbreaking work which aims to increase transparency of AI software applications for the radiology market: the medical specialty which currently covers 75% of all approved medical AI software. The focus is on products available for clinical use in Europe, in other words, products that are CE marked. It discusses the potential use cases of AI in radiology, maps commercially available AI products, independently assesses the performance of products, and measures and models the (potential) added value. With the insights gained and publicly shared, this work enables more informed decision-making by AI purchasers, users, investors, and creators. Furthermore, it encourages use and development of AI that is safe and of value to society.

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