Delphi study on STIC diagnosis wins 2nd Best Oral Prize at the 34th European Congress of Pathology

The 34th European Congress of Pathology took place between September 3 and 7, in Basel, Switzerland. Over 4.200 participants from 100 countries attended this congress. We are happy to inform that Joep Bogaerts won the second prize for his oral free presentation on the international Delphi study, entitled “Consensus based recommendations for the diagnosis of STIC”

Joep’s work focuses on the improved detection of precursor lesions to tubo-ovarian high grade serous carcinoma. The best known of these precursor lesions is serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma, or STIC. Unfortunately, there is only moderate reproducibility for this diagnosis amongst pathologists, which in turn makes it challenging to settle on a ground truth for AI training.

In this Delphi study, 33 international gynecopathologists attempted to reach consensus on various aspects in diagnosing these STIC lesions, resulting in a consensus-based guideline for STIC diagnosis. We are happy to congratulate all the team members and participating pathologists on this prize, including Joep Bogaerts, Majke van Bommel, Rosella Hermens, Miranda Steenbeek, Joanne de Hullu, Michiel Simons and Jeroen van der Laak.

Joep Bogaerts' presentation at ECP

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