PhD defense Midas Meijs

Midas Meijs will defend his PhD thesis with the title "Automated Image Analysis and Machine Learning to Detect Cerebral Vascular Pathology in 4D-CTA" on the 26th of November at 15.30 in the Auditorium of Radboud University

Many studies have shown the added value of 4D-CTA in acute stroke, either in stroke detection, treatment decision making or predicting patient outcome. The developments in the machine learning area, especially the progress with deep learning would be an ideal match to aid the radiologists and clinicians in automatically analyzing these large data sets. However, there are limited to no available algorithms for the analysis of 4D-CTA imaging, besides the calculation of the perfusion map. The aim of this thesis is to aid the analysis of 4D-CTA images, using standard image processing, traditional machine learning and deep learning techniques, with a focus on acute ischemic cerebral stroke.

Extra information can be found on the Radboudumc website.

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