Gleason grading Kaggle competition: the PANDA challenge

Do you want to help improve prostate cancer diagnosis? After CAMELYON, there is now PANDA, our new challenge on prostate cancer grading in collaboration with Kaggle. Our aim is to crowdsource the best possible solution to help pathologists better diagnose and treat patients. There is $25.000 prize money to be divided among the best teams!

Alongside the competition, we are releasing the most extensive multi-center dataset on Gleason grading as of yet. There are almost 11.000 biopsies available for model development, and all submissions will be evaluated using 1000 biopsies graded by multiple pathologists.

Read more information on the PANDA Challenge project page or signup now through the Kaggle website.

The PANDA challenge is organized by Wouter Bulten, Geert Litjens and Hans Pinckaers, together with researchers from Karolinska Institutet and Kaggle.

The PANDA challenge is associated with a challenge workshop at MICCAI 2020.

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