Kiran Vaidhya Venkadesh wins First Prize at the 2022 Paper Awards Ceremony

Kiran Vaidhya Venkadesh, a fourth year PhD candidate at the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group, was awarded the first prize at the 2022 Paper Awards hosted by the Department of Medical Imaging. The award ceremony was held on December 20th at the Carl Figdor room in Radboudumc.

Kiran received recognition for his paper, which was published in Radiology, entitled "Deep Learning for Malignancy Risk Estimation of Pulmonary Nodules Detected at Low-Dose Screening CT". The paper showcases an innovative approach to utilizing deep learning algorithms for estimating lung cancer risk from CT scans.

The jury, consisting of Mathias Prokop, Daan van den Oever, and Maximilian Wiesmann, praised Kiran's work for its contribution to the field of diagnostic imaging and its potential to improve the cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screening programs.

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