Estelle Chanudet-van den Brink

Study Manager

Estelle Chanudet-van den Brink has a dual background combining health innovation research and program management. She received a tri-national Master’s degree in biotechnology engineering from the ESBS Upper Rhine Biovalley School (France, Switzerland, Germany) in 2004, complemented by a PhD in rare cancers genetics in 2008, obtained at the Department of Pathology of the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. She went on to work at University College London Institute of Child Health as Innovation Manager and Senior Research Associate, translating newly developed Next-Generation Sequencing technologies from a research context to diagnostic applications dedicated to rare diseases within Great Ormond Street Children Hospital. Since 2013, she has been diving further into research coordination and public health, first as Coordinator in charge of International Scientific Affairs for the Rare Diseases French National Public Health Plan (French Ministry of Health, Research and Higher Education), then as coordinating Scientist and Consultant for the World Health Organization specialized Agency for Research on Cancer (precision medicine in a public health perspective). In April 2021, she joined the Computational Pathology group of Radboudumc Nijmegen to complement the BIGPICTURE Project Management team, working alongside Jeroen van der Laak, Katrien Grünberg and BIGPICTURE academic and private collaborators across Europe, joining efforts to accelerate the development of Artificial Intelligence in Pathology (Innovative Medicines Initiative).

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