Fast scan conversion algorithms for displaying ultrasound sector images

A. Berkhoff, H. Huisman, J. Thijssen, E. Jacobs and R. Homan

Ultrasonic Imaging 1994;16(2):87-108.

DOI PMID Cited by ~47

Two fast algorithms for interpolation of ultrasonic sector-scans were developed. Both algorithms are based on line-drawing algorithms and are free from multiplications in the innermost loops. The algorithms were compared to the following conventional interpolators: 2-D windowed sinc, bicubic spline, 4 x 4 point bicubic spline, bilinear, and nearest neighbor. The most accurate of the two new algorithms is about eight times faster than nearest neighbor interpolation. The quantitative errors are of the same order as the errors of the nearest neighbor interpolator. The subjective image quality is between nearest neighbor and bilinear interpolation.