Evaluation of color representation for texture analysis

E. van den Broek and E. van Rikxoort

Proceedings of the 16th Belgian Dutch Artificial Intelligence Conference (BNAIC) 2004:35-42.

Url Cited by ~51

Since more than 50 years texture in image material is a topic of research. Hereby, color was ignored mostly. This study compares 70 different configurations for texture analysis, using four features. For the configurations we used: (i) a gray value texture descriptor: the co-occurrence matrix and a color texture descriptor: the color correlogram, (ii) six color spaces, and (iii) several quantization schemes. A three classifier combination was used to classify the output of the configurations on the VisTex texture database. The results indicate that the use of a coarse HSV color space quantization can substantially improve texture recognition compared to various other gray and color quantization schemes.