Use of Volumetry for Lung Nodule Management: Theory and Practice

A. Devaraj, B. van Ginneken, A. Nair and D. Baldwin

Radiology 2017;284(3):630-644.

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A consistent feature of many lung nodule management guidelines is the recommendation to evaluate nodule size by using diameter measurements and electronic calipers. Traditionally, the use of nodule volumetry applications has primarily been reserved for certain lung cancer screening trials rather than clinical practice. However, even before the first nodule management guidelines were published more than a decade ago, research has been ongoing into the use of nodule volumetry as a means of measuring nodule size, and this research has accelerated in recent years. This article aims to provide radiologists with an up-to-date review of the most recent literature on volumetry and volume doubling times in lung nodule management, outlining their benefits and drawbacks. A brief technical review of typical volumetry applications is also provided.