High-resolution CT and CT angiography of peripheral pulmonary vascular disorders

C. Engelke, C. Schaefer-Prokop, E. Schirg, J. Freihorst, S. Grubnic and M. Prokop

Radiographics 2002;22(4):739-764.

PMID Cited by ~84

Peripheral pulmonary vascular disorders that can be evaluated with computed tomography (CT) include various disease entities with overlapping imaging features and a wide range of clinical manifestations. The overall accuracy of CT in the diagnosis of pulmonary vascular disorders increases with improved spatial resolution, administration of a high-flow contrast material bolus, and the use of cardiac gating. The integration of high-resolution CT and CT angiographic techniques into one scanning protocol has important clinical implications for multisection CT and makes it the imaging modality of choice in the evaluation of this complex group of disorders.