Detection of mass lesions in mammograms by using multiple views

S. van Engeland

  • Promotor: C. Gielen
  • Copromotor: N. Karssemeijer
  • Graduation year: 2006
  • Radboud University, Nijmegen


Computer-aided Detection (CAD) and image processing techniques for mammography are being developed to aid radiologists during screening and to increase the detection rate. During interpretation, radiologists use information from all available views, i.e. previous examinations and projections from different angles. Most current CAD systems, on the other hand, use information from only one view at the time. The research described in this thesis concerns the development of multiple view CAD techniques to increase the performance of CAD for the detection of masses in mammograms. The first part of this thesis addresses the comparison of temporal mammogram pairs. The second part concerns the combination of information from two projections of the same breast. The final chapter describes a method for accurate quantitative estimation of the dense tissue volume from mammograms. Such a measure for breast density can be used for instance for comparisons of the left and right breast.