Multi-class probabilistic atlas-based segmentation method in breast MRI

A. Gubern-Mérida, M. Kallenberg, R. Martí and N. Karssemeijer

Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis: proceedings of 5th Iberian Conference 2011;5.

Cited by ~16

Organ localization is an important topic in medical imaging in aid of cancer treatment and diagnosis. An example are the pharmacokinetic model calibration methods based on a reference tissue, where a pectoral muscle delineation in breast MRI is needed to detect malignancy signs. Atlas-based segmentation has been proven to be powerful in brain MRI. This is the first attempt to apply an atlas-based approach to segment breast in T1 weighted MR images. The atlas consists of 5 structures (fatty and dense tissues, heart, lungs and pectoral muscle). It has been used in a Bayesian segmentation framework to delineate the mentioned structures. Global and local registration have been compared, where global registration showed the best results in terms of accuracy and speed. Overall, a Dice Similarity Coefficient value of 0.8 has been obtained which shows the validity of our approach to Breast MRI segmentation.