Interpretation of Medical Images by Model Guided Analysis

N. Karssemeijer

  • Promotor: E. Eijkman
  • Graduation year: 1989
  • Radboud University, Nijmegen


It is widely expected that in the near future the use of photographic film in diagnostic medicine will be replaced by digital pictorial information systems. In this respect progress in the development of Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and medical workstations is frequently discussed. Until now, the main research effort has been focused on image acquisition, archiving and display. Without doubt, however, the use of medical workstations for viewing will also stimulate interest in the use of image analysis techniques as a diagnostic tool. As it is commonly recognized that human vision is inadequate for making accurate measurements in images, supplementary use of fast and reproducible computer analysis may be advantageous. For instance, local statistical variables which are hard to perceive may contain valuable information. On the other hand it seems unlikely that in the near future automated analysis will outperform the human eye in more complex vision tasks