REALISE: reconstruction of REALity from Image SEquences

F. Leymarie, A. de la Fortelle, J. Koenderink, A. Kappers, M. Stavridi, B. van Ginneken, S. Muller, S. Krake, O. Faugeras, L. Robert, C. Gauclin, S. Laveau and C. Zeller

International Conference on Image Processing 1996:651-654.

DOI Cited by ~22

REALISE was designed to extract from sequences of images, acquired with a moving camera, the information necessary for determining the 3D (CAD-like) structure of a real-life scene together with information about the radiometric signatures of surfaces bounding the extracted 3D objects (e.g. reflectance behaviour). The retrieved information is then integrated in a virtual reality (VR) software environment. The R amp;D work is been performed principally in the following areas of computer vision and computer graphics: structure from motion, recovery of geometries, recovery of photometric and texture information, highly realistic rendering on the basis of empirically-based reflectance models, and the design and development of improved rendering processes together with a new VR system. Beside this innovative R\&D work another key aspect of REALISE is to have computer vision and computer graphics cooperate to produce realistic 3D data efficiently