Extraction of Airways from CT (EXACT09)

P. Lo, B. van Ginneken, J. Reinhardt and M. de Bruijne

The Second International Workshop On Pulmonary Image Analysis 2009:175-189.

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This paper describes a framework for evaluating airway extraction algorithms in a standardized manner and establishing reference segmentations that can be used for future algorithm development. Because of the sheer difficulty of constructing a complete reference standard manually, we propose to construct a reference using results from the algorithms being compared, by splitting each airway tree segmentation result into individual branch segments that are subsequently visually inspected by trained observers. Using the so constructed reference, a total of seven performance measures covering different aspects of segmentation quality are computed. We evaluated 15 airway tree extraction algorithms from different research groups on a diverse set of 20 chest CT scans from subjects ranging from healthy volunteers to patients with severe lung disease, who were scanned at different sites, with several different CT scanner models, and using a variety of scanning protocols and reconstruction parameters.