Implementation of Lossless Coding for Embedded Compression

R. Manniesing, R. Kleihorst, R. van der Vleuten and E. Hendriks

IEEE} Program for Research on Integrated Systems and Circuits/Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing 1998.

Cited by ~8

Hybrid video compression schemes need to store the local decoded image for predictive coding. Traditionally, this image is stored in the spatial domain needing almost 5 Mbit of memory for main-level image format. The amount of storage space can be significantly reduced if the data is stored in the compressed domain itself, using embedded compression techniques. Embedded compression typically has a lossless part. This function is subject to various constraints imposed by the remainder of the system. In this paper we arrive at three candidate algorithms for the lossless compression function. These are: implementing a zoning approach, implementing a variant of vector-coding using a codebook and implementing position-coding respectively. The three algorithms are analyzed for performance and hardware costs.