Automated Image Analysis and Machine Learning to Detect Cerebral Vascular Pathology in 4D-CTA

M. Meijs

  • Promotor: B. van Ginneken and M. Prokop
  • Copromotor: R. Manniesing and F. Meijer
  • Graduation year: 2020
  • Radboud University, Nijmegen


Scanners used in the hospital are becoming more advanced and in a matter of seconds complete 4-dimensional details images can be acquired from the brain and its vessels. In serious disorders, like an ischemic stroke the vessels in the brain are blocked or affected. A radiologist examines these complex scans looking for the disorder of blocked vessel. The goal of my research is to facilitate the assessment of these images and help doctor read these scans. Using image analysis methods, I have developed a technique that visualizes the flow in the blood vessels using a color-map. Through this, the abnormalities or blocked blood vessels become better visible. On top of this, I have developed a method using artificial intelligence that can automatically detect patients with an ischemic stroke, based on the 4-dimensional images. In the future, these and other algorithms can aid, and possibly take over the job of the radiologist, of examine these images.