Hybrid diffusion compared with existing diffusion schemes on simulated low dose CT scans

A. Mendrik, E. Vonken, A. Schilham, M. Viergever and B. van Ginneken

IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging 2006:1008-1011.

DOI Cited by ~4

Because of the growing interest in low dose computed tomography (CT) scanning, noise has become a major issue in CT imaging. Diffusion filtering is a well-known technique for filtering noise from images. We propose a hybrid diffusion model, which combines edge-enhancing diffusion (EED) and coherence-enhancing diffusion (CED) in a continuous manner. This diffusion model is compared with five existing diffusion schemes. Quantitative experimental results are presented on clinical CT chest scans, using high dose and simulated low dose scans.