Publications of Midas Meijs


Papers in international journals

  1. M. Meijs, A. Patel, S. van de Leemput, M. Prokop, E. van Dijk, F. de Leeuw, F. Meijer, B. van Ginneken and R. Manniesing, "Robust Segmentation of the Full Cerebral Vasculature in 4D CT Images of Suspected Stroke Patients", Scientific Reports, 2017;7.
    Abstract DOI PMID Cited by ~40


  1. M. Meijs, S. Pegge, M. Prokop, B. van Ginneken, F. Meijer and R. Manniesing, "Detection of vessel occlusion in acute stroke is facilitated by color-coded 4D-CTA", European Congress of Radiology, 2017.
  2. S. Pegge, M. Meijs, M. Prokop, R. Manniesing and F. Meijer, "Color-mapping of 4D-CTA for the detection and classification of cranial arteriovenous fistulas", European Society of Neuroradiology, 2017.