Publications of Midas Meijs


Papers in international journals

  1. M. Meijs, F. de Leeuw, H. Boogaarts, R. Manniesing and F. Meijer, "Circle of Willis collateral flow in carotid artery occlusion is depicted by 4D-CTA", World Neurosurgery, 2018;114:421-426.
    Abstract DOI PMID Cited by ~5

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. M. Meijs and R. Manniesing, "Artery and Vein Segmentation of the Cerebral Vasculature in 4D CT using a 3D Fully Convolutional Neural Network", Medical Imaging, 2018;10575:105751Q.
    Abstract DOI Cited by ~13


  1. M. Meijs, A. Patel, S. van de Leemput, B. van Ginneken, M. Prokop and R. Manniesing, "Fast, Robust and Accurate Segmentation of the Complete Cerebral Vasculature in 4D-CTA using Deep Learning", Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, 2018.
  2. F. Meijer, P. Willems, M. Meijs and R. Manniesing, "Color-mapping visualization of 4D-CTA in neurovascular disease", European Society of Neuroradiology, 2018.