Publications of Midas Meijs


Papers in international journals

  1. M. Meijs, F. Meijer, M. Prokop, B. van Ginneken and R. Manniesing, "Image-level detection of arterial occlusions in 4D-CTA of acute stroke patients using deep learning", Medical Image Analysis, 2020;66:101810.
    Abstract DOI PMID Cited by ~16
  2. M. Meijs, S. Pegge, M. Vos, A. Patel, S. van de Leemput, K. Koschmieder, M. Prokop, F. Meijer and R. Manniesing, "Cerebral Artery and Vein Segmentation in Fourdimensional CT Angiography Using Convolutional Neural Networks", Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, 2020;2(4):e190178.
    Abstract DOI Cited by ~9

PhD theses

  1. M. Meijs, "Automated Image Analysis and Machine Learning to Detect Cerebral Vascular Pathology in 4D-CTA", PhD thesis, 2020.
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