Publications of Niels van Nistelrooij


Papers in international journals

  1. N. van Nistelrooij, K. Ghoul, T. Xi, A. Saha, S. Kempers, M. Cenci, B. Loomans, T. Fl├╝gge, B. van Ginneken and S. Vinayahalingam, "Combining public datasets for automated tooth assessment in panoramic radiographs", BMC Oral Health, 2024;24.
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Papers in international journals

  1. S. Vinayahalingam, N. van Nistelrooij, B. van Ginneken, K. Bressem, D. Troltzsch, M. Heiland, T. Flugge and R. Gaudin, "Detection of mandibular fractures on panoramic radiographs using deep learning.", Scientific reports, 2022;12(1):19596.
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