Hardware and software artifacts in storage phosphor radiography

J. Oestmann, M. Prokop, C. Schaefer and M. Galanski

Radiographics 1991;11(5):795-805.

PMID Cited by ~46

Hardware and software artifacts in digital radiographs acquired with storage phosphor systems can seriously impair image quality and imitate or mask abnormalities. These artifacts are caused by image plate, image reader, and laser printer defects; faulty image readout; processing errors; and unsharp masking. The artifacts can simulate calcifications and pneumothoraces or conceal low-contrast ill-defined lesions and subtle lesions along opacity interfaces. Hardware artifacts need to be recognized and properly traced to repair the system or improve its maintenance. Artifacts due to software characteristics and image post-processing must also be identified to ensure adequate system handling and adjustment of postprocessing algorithms.