Computerized Characterization of Breast Lesions using Dual-Temporal Resolution Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Images

B. Platel, H. Huisman, H. Laue, R. Mus, R. Mann, H. Hahn and N. Karssemeijer

MICCAI} {W}orkshop: {B}reast {I}mage {A}nalysis 2011.

To determine the benefits of a dual-temporal resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced MR protocol for the differentiation of mass-like breast lesions we studied the added value of features derived from this protocol in a computer aided diagnosis system. We developed a CADx system based on an SVM classifier to differentiate benign and malignant breast lesions. A cohort of 93 patients with 133 masses was included in the study. We obtained two different dynamic contrast-enhanced MR image series per study; one with high spatial and one with high temporal resolution. Six morphological descriptors were determined from an automatic segmentation of the lesion. Eight kinetic curve features were derived from the high spatial resolution data and six pharmacokinetic parameters were determined from the high temporal resolution data. Our CADx system demonstrated a performance, measured by the area under the ROC curve, of $A_z=0.85$ for the commonly used combination of kinetic curve features and morphology. A significant improvement in performance is shown by adding the pharmacokinetic parameters; $A_z=0.88, p=0.03$.