Artificial Intelligence and Radiologists at Prostate Cancer Detection in MRI: The PI-CAI Challenge

A. Saha, J. Bosma, J. Twilt, B. van Ginneken, D. Yakar, M. Elschot, J. Veltman, J. F├╝tterer, M. de Rooij and H. Huisman

Medical Imaging with Deep Learning 2023.


We hypothesized that state-of-the-art AI models, trained using thousands of patient cases, are non-inferior to radiologists at clinically significant prostate cancer diagnosis using MRI. To test the same, we designed an international comparative study titled the PI-CAI challenge, where we investigated AI models that were independently developed, trained and externally tested using a large multi-center cohort of 10,207 patient exams. Preliminary results indicate that when trained on 1,500 cases only, such models already achieve diagnostic performance comparable to that of radiologists reported in literature.