Simulating nodules in chest radiographs with real nodules from multi-slice CT images

A. Schilham and B. van Ginneken

Medical Imaging 2006(6144):614456-1-614456-8.

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To improve the detection of nodules in chest radiographs, large databases of chest radiographs with annotated, proven nodules are needed for training of both radiologists and computer-aided detection systems. The construction of such databases is a laborious and time-consuming task. This study presents a novel technique to produce large amounts of chest x-rays with annotated, simulated nodules. Realistic nodules in radiographs are generated using real nodules segmented from CT images. Results from an observer study indicate that the simulated nodules can not be distinguished from real nodules. This method has great potential to aid the development of automated detection systems and to generate teaching files for human observers.