Analysis of Temporal Mammogram Pairs to Detect and Characterise Mass Lesions

S. Timp

  • Promotor: C. Gielen
  • Copromotor: N. Karssemeijer
  • Graduation year: 2006
  • Radboud University, Nijmegen


This preparatory chapter provides some background material and literature required for this thesis. For further reading we suggest one of the following books: Vainio & Bianchini (2002); Homer (1997); Underwood (1992); Friedrich & Sickles (2000). This chapter is organised as follows. Section 1.1 to 1.5 give general information about breast cancer, about screening programmes to detect breast cancer, and about modalities that are used to image the breast. In Section 1.6 we describe the use of computer aided detection and diagnosis (CAD) systems and review some important studies that evaluate potential benets of using CAD. At the moment multi view CAD systems are being developed that include information from multiple views. Section 1.7 summarises recent advances in this eld. In this thesis we focus on the design of a multi view CAD system that incorporates information about temporal changes that take place between two consecutive screening rounds. Section 1.8 shortly discusses the objective for this approach. Section 1.9 claries denitions and nomenclature used in this thesis. Finally, in Section 1.10, we present an overview of this thesis.