Causal Probabilistic Modelling for Two-View Mammographic Analysis

M. Velikova, M. Samulski, P. Lucas and N. Karssemeijer

AIME '09: Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 2009:395-404.

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Mammographic analysis is a difficult task due to the complexity of image interpretation. This results in diagnostic uncertainty, thus provoking the need for assistance by computer decision-making tools. Probabilistic modelling based on Bayesian networks is among the suitable tools, as it allows for the formalization of the uncertainty about parameters, models, and predictions in a statistical manner, yet such that available background knowledge about characteristics of the domain can be taken into account. In this paper, we investigate a specific class of Bayesian networks--causal independence models--for exploring the dependencies between two breast image views. The proposed method is based on a multi-stage scheme incorporating domain knowledge and information obtained from two computer-aided detection systems. The experiments with actual mammographic data demonstrate the potential of the proposed two-view probabilistic system for supporting radiologists in detecting breast cancer, both at a location and a patient level.