Radboud AI for Health

In 2019, Radboudumc started a program Radboud AI for Health to underline the increasing important and impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare. The program offers courses for professionals and funds MSc student projects and PhD projects. DIAG is involved in three AI for Health PhD projects and has started a closely related project in which we chart the availability of AI software for radiology and investigate how to validate and implement AI in radiology.


Development and validation of a deep-learning system for wisdom tooth removal

The aim of this project is to develop a deep-learning system that can predict, on the basis of clinical information, panoramic radiographs, and possibly cone-beam CT, if wisdom tooth removal is recommended.

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Building multi-modal interactive health records

The aim of this project is to build a system that can automatically create annotated radiology reports that a patient can understand.

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MRI-based decision support tool for patients with chronic lower back pain

We develop AI-based MRI analysis software for treatment decision support in patients with chronic degenerative low back pain.

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AI for Radiology

A large number of AI products are now on the market. How should AI be implemented in radiology practice?

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