Bogdan Obreja is a PhD Candidate in the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group (DIAG) at the Medical Imaging department of Radboud University Medical Center. In June 2023, he joined MERAI lab, an ICAI Lab between the partners Radboudumc and MeVis Medical Solutions working under the guidance of Mathias Prokop and Colin Jacobs. His research focuses on the development of deep learning models that can be used to automatically detect lung cancer from low-dose CT scans.

Before joining MERAI lab, Bogdan obtained his master's degree in Embedded Systems from Eindhoven University of Technology. After his master, eager to learn more about computer vision and startups he joined FloatScans as a software engineer. At FloatScans, Bogdan contributed to the development of advanced 3D scanning technologies tailored for the 3D digitization of cultural heritage artifacts.

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