Fennie van der Graaf

PhD Candidate

Fennie is a PhD Candidate in the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group DIAG at the Medical Imaging department of Radboud University Medical Center. In July 2023, she joined MERAI lab, an ICAI Lab between the partners Radboudumc and MeVis Medical Solutions working under the guidance of Mathias Prokop and Colin Jacobs. Her research focuses on the development of deep learning models that can be used to automatically detect incidental findings in low dose lung CT scans.

Before joining MERAI lab, Fennie obtained her Masters in Biomedical Engineering (diagnostic imaging track) at the University of Groningen. She did her master thesis with Thirona B.V, in the field of cycleGANs for chest x-ray image augmentation, to improve a Tuberculosis classification algorithm. She then joined Thirona B.V. as a data analysis lead in the Chest CT team, and then worked at the UMCG Medical Imaging department as a project manager.

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