Publications of Daan Geijs

Papers in international journals

  1. D. Geijs, S. Dooper, W. Aswolinskiy, L. Hillen, A. Amir and G. Litjens, "Detection and subtyping of basal cell carcinoma in whole-slide histopathology using weakly-supervised learning", Medical Image Analysis, 2024;93:103063.
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  2. M. Hermsen, V. Volk, J. Brasen, D. Geijs, W. Gwinner, J. Kers, J. Linmans, N. Schaadt, J. Schmitz, E. Steenbergen, Z. Swiderska-Chadaj, B. Smeets, L. Hilbrands and J. van der Laak, "Quantitative assessment of inflammatory infiltrates in kidney transplant biopsies using multiplex tyramide signal amplification and deep learning", Laboratory Investigation, 2021;101(8):970-982.
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  3. M. Balkenhol, F. Ciompi, Z. Swiderska-Chadaj, R. van de Loo, M. Intezar, I. Otte-Holler, D. Geijs, J. Lotz, N. Weiss, T. de Bel, G. Litjens, P. Bult and J. van der Laak, "Optimized tumour infiltrating lymphocyte assessment for triple negative breast cancer prognostics.", The Breast, 2021;56:78-87.
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Papers in conference proceedings

  1. D. Geijs, H. Pinckaers, A. Amir and G. Litjens, "End-to-end classification on basal-cell carcinoma histopathology whole-slides images", Medical Imaging, 2021;11603:1160307.
    Abstract DOI Cited by ~2
  2. D. Geijs, M. Intezar, J. van der Laak and G. Litjens, "Automatic color unmixing of IHC stained whole slide images", Medical Imaging, 2018;10581.
    Abstract DOI Cited by ~11
  3. P. Bándi, R. van de Loo, M. Intezar, D. Geijs, F. Ciompi, B. van Ginneken, J. van der Laak and G. Litjens, "Comparison of Different Methods for Tissue Segmentation In Histopathological Whole-Slide Images", IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, 2017:591-595.
    Abstract DOI arXiv Cited by ~36

Master theses

  1. D. Geijs, "Tumor segmentation in fluorescent TNBC immunohistochemical multiplex images using deep learning", Master thesis, 2019.