Publications of Henkjan Huisman


Papers in international journals

  1. G. Litjens, J. Barentsz, N. Karssemeijer and H. Huisman, "Clinical evaluation of a computer-aided diagnosis system for determining cancer aggressiveness in prostate MRI", European Radiology, 2015;25(11):3187-3199. Abstract/PDF DOI PMID Cited by ~47

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. M. Meijs, O. Debats and H. Huisman, "The evaluation of multi-structure, multi-atlas pelvic anatomy features in a prostate MR Lymphography CAD system", Medical Imaging, 2015;9414:94140T. Abstract/PDF DOI Cited by ~2

PhD theses

  1. Litjens and G. S., "Computerized detection of cancer in multi-parametric prostate MRI", 2015. Abstract/PDF Url