Publications of Henkjan Huisman


Papers in international journals

  1. J. Bleker, T. Kwee, R. Dierckx, I. de Jong, H. Huisman and D. Yakar, "Multiparametric MRI and auto-fixed volume of interest-based radiomics signature for clinically significant peripheral zone prostate cancer", European Radiology, 2019. Abstract/PDF DOI PMID Cited by ~2
  2. O. Debats, G. Litjens and H. Huisman, "Lymph node detection in MR Lymphography: false positive reduction using multi-view convolutional neural networks", PeerJ, 2019;7:e8052. Abstract/PDF DOI PMID
  3. H. Huisman, "Solid Science of AI Supporting Bladder Cancer CT Reading", Academic Radiology, 2019;26(9):1146-1147. Abstract/PDF DOI PMID


  1. S. Hu, D. Worrall, S. Knegt, B. Veeling, H. Huisman and M. Welling, "Supervised uncertainty quantification for segmentation with multiple annotations", arXiv:1907.01949, 2019. Abstract arXiv Cited by ~12

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. M. Hosseinzadeh, P. Brand and H. Huisman, "Effect of Adding Probabilistic Zonal Prior in Deep Learning-based Prostate Cancer Detection", Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 2019. Abstract/PDF Url Cited by ~1