Publications of Joey Spronck

Papers in international journals

  1. L. van Eekelen, J. Spronck, M. Looijen-Salamon, S. Vos, E. Munari, I. Girolami, A. Eccher, B. Acs, C. Boyaci, G. de Souza, M. Demirel-Andishmand, L. Meesters, D. Zegers, L. van der Woude, W. Theelen, M. van den Heuvel, K. Gr├╝nberg, B. van Ginneken, J. van der Laak and F. Ciompi, "Comparing deep learning and pathologist quantification of cell-level PD-L1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer whole-slide images", Scientific Reports, 2024;14.
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  1. N. Khalili, J. Spronck, F. Ciompi, J. van der Laak and G. Litjens, "Uncertainty-guided annotation enhances segmentation with the human-in-the-loop", arXiv:2404.07208, 2024.
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Papers in conference proceedings

  1. J. Spronck, T. Gelton, L. van Eekelen, J. Bogaerts, L. Tessier, M. van Rijthoven, L. van der Woude, M. van den Heuvel, W. Theelen, J. van der Laak and F. Ciompi, "nnUNet meets pathology: bridging the gap for application to whole-slide images and computational biomarkers", Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 2023.
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  1. J. Spronck, L. Eekelen, L. Tessier, J. Bogaerts, L. van der Woude, M. van den Heuvel, W. Theelen and F. Ciompi, "Deep learning-based quantification of immune infiltrate for predicting response to pembrolizumab from pre-treatment biopsies of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer: A study on the PEMBRO-RT phase II trial", Immuno-Oncology and Technology, 2022.

Master theses

  1. J. Spronck, "Multi conditional lung nodule synthesis for improved nodule malignancy classification in Computed Tomography scans", Master thesis, 2020.
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