Publications of Kicky van Leeuwen


Papers in international journals

  1. K. van Leeuwen, M. de Rooij, S. Schalekamp, B. van Ginneken and M. Rutten, "Clinical use of artificial intelligence products for radiology in the Netherlands between 2020 and 2022", European Radiology, 2023.
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  2. K. Leeuwen, M. Becks, D. Grob, F. de Lange, J. Rutten, S. Schalekamp, M. Rutten, B. van Ginneken, M. de Rooij and F. Meijer, "AI-support for the detection of intracranial large vessel occlusions: One-year prospective evaluation", Heliyon, 2023;9(8).
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  1. K. van Leeuwen, D. Hedderich and S. Schalekamp, "Potential risk of off-label use of commercially available AI-based software for radiology", European Congress of Radiology, 2023.

PhD theses

  1. K. van Leeuwen, "Validation and implementation of commercial artificial intelligence software for radiology", PhD thesis, 2023.
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