Publications of Tariq Haddad

Papers in international journals

  1. T. Haddad, A. Lugli, S. Aherne, V. Barresi, B. Terris, J. Bokhorst, S. Brockmoeller, M. Cuatrecasas, F. Simmer, H. El-Zimaity, J. Fléjou, D. Gibbons, G. Cathomas, R. Kirsch, T. Kuhlmann, C. Langner, M. Loughrey, R. Riddell, A. Ristimäki, S. Kakar, K. Sheahan, D. Treanor, J. van der Laak, M. Vieth, I. Zlobec and I. Nagtegaal, "Improving tumor budding reporting in colorectal cancer: a Delphi consensus study", Virchows Archiv, 2021;479:459-469.
    Abstract DOI PMID Cited by ~27


  1. T. Haddad, J. Bokhorst, L. van den Dobbelsteen, F. Simmer, J. van der Laak and I. Nagtegaal, "Characterisation of the tumour-host interface as a prognostic factor through deep learning systems", United European Gastroenterology Journal, 2020.
  2. T. Haddad, N. Farahani, J. Bokhorst, F. Doubrava-Simmer, F. Ciompi, I. Nagtegaal and J. van der Laak, "A Colorectal Carcinoma in 3D: Merging Knife-Edge Scanning Microscopy and Deep Learning", EACR, 2019.