Publications of Witali Aswolinskiy

Papers in international journals

  1. N. Marini, S. Marchesin, S. Otálora, M. Wodzinski, A. Caputo, M. van Rijthoven, W. Aswolinskiy, J. Bokhorst, D. Podareanu, E. Petters, S. Boytcheva, G. Buttafuoco, S. Vatrano, F. Fraggetta, J. van der Laak, M. Agosti, F. Ciompi, G. Silvello, H. Muller and M. Atzori, "Unleashing the potential of digital pathology data by training computer-aided diagnosis models without human annotations.", NPJ digital medicine, 2022;5(1):102.
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Papers in conference proceedings

  1. W. Aswolinskiy, D. Tellez, G. Raya, L. van der Woude, M. Looijen-Salamon, J. van der Laak, K. Grunberg and F. Ciompi, "Neural image compression for non-small cell lung cancer subtype classification in H&E stained whole-slide images", Medical Imaging 2021: Digital Pathology, 2021;11603:1 - 7.
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  1. B. Guevara, N. Marini, S. Marchesin, W. Aswolinskiy, R. Schlimbach, D. Podareanu and F. Ciompi, "Caption generation from histopathology whole-slide images using pre-trained transformers", Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 2023.
  2. W. Aswolinskiy, H. Horlings, L. Mulder, J. van der Laak, J. Wesseling, E. Lips and F. Ciompi, "Potential of an AI-based digital biomarker to predict neoadjuvant chemotherapy response from preoperative biopsies of Luminal-B breast cancer", European Congress of Pathology, 2019.