PhD Candidate for AI-based prostate cancer assessment at CWZ and Radboudumc

PhD Candidate for AI-based prostate cancer assessment at CWZ and Radboudumc

The Department of Urology at Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis (CWZ) and Pathology at Radboudumc challenge an enthusiastic and talented researcher/PhD candidate to participate in the PhD track titled "Improving assessment of adverse histopathology on multi-parametric prostate MRI using AI and radiology-pathology fusion." Do you want to work as a PhD candidate at a leading international research institute and be guided by an experienced promotion team? Don't hesitate to apply for this position!


In recent years, the diagnostic and treatment options for men with prostate cancer have significantly increased, positively impacting life expectancy and quality of life. To achieve the best possible outcome after prostate removal, it is crucial to not only remove the entire tumor but also to preserve nerves and the urethra for maintaining continence and potency. For an optimal surgical outcome, the surgeon must know precisely where the tumor is located in the prostate. By fusing MRI images with pathology from prostate specimens, the accuracy of the MRI will increase, allowing surgeons to operate more conservatively with fewer adverse consequences. As a researcher/PhD candidate on the PhD track "Improving assessment of adverse histopathology on multi-parametric prostate MRI using AI and radiology-pathology fusion," you will develop an algorithm for this purpose. Data from approximately 800 prostate MRIs and prostate specimens are available for this project. The algorithm will be tested in practice and related to surgical outcomes.


During your PhD track, your daily supervision at CWZ will be handled by Dr. Jean-Paul van Basten, Urologist at CWZ and manager of Prosper Clinics, who is also co-promotor. At Radboudumc, your daily supervision will be handled by Dr. Nadieh Khalili, who will also act as co-promotor. Prof. Geert Litjens from Radboudumc will act as the promotor. At CWZ, you will work in the Urology department, a dynamic department where care and science come together in an environment that pays great attention to education. You will also receive guidance from the CWZ Academy, including training sessions and planned consultation moments with other PhD candidates. Additionally, you will be able to take courses at Radboudumc and be part of the Radboud Institute for Medical Innovation Research School.


  • A degree in Technical Medicine, Biomedical Technology, or a similar background.
  • Affinity with imaging and artificial intelligence.
  • Logistical skills, good planning, and the ability to work independently.
  • The ability to work flexibly within our team, with work locations at two sites.
  • Proficiency in both Dutch and English is a plus.
  • Some proven experience with scientific research and/or publishing.
  • Availability for a continuous period of four years.
  • Willingness to travel (inter)nationally.

What Do We Offer?

  • A contract with CWZ for four years, with an evaluation and potential extension after one year.
  • Embedding in a challenging scientific working environment that is rapidly developing and offers ample opportunities for personal growth.
  • Workplaces at both CWZ and Radboudumc.
  • PhD promotion at Radboud University.
  • Participation in courses to further develop a wide range of scientific skills.
  • The opportunity to present your results at (inter)national conferences.
  • Being part of a research team with other PhD candidates.
  • A salary according to the Cao Hospitals with good working conditions.
  • In addition to your regular salary, a holiday allowance and a year-end bonus of 8.33%.
  • 144 vacation hours and 57 PLB hours (freely deployable) based on a 36-hour workweek.
  • A good pension plan with the Pension Fund for Healthcare and Welfare, with the employer contributing half.
  • Favorable insurance policies and an attractive tax advantage for purchasing items such as a bicycle, laptop, or gym subscription.
  • As a top clinical hospital, there is space and attention for development and training opportunities.
  • A friendly and informal workplace where we inspire and challenge each other daily.


CWZ and Prosper

You will be appointed at CWZ and also have a workplace at Radboudumc. CWZ and Radboudumc are part of the regional prostate cancer network 'Prosper,' which also includes Catharina Hospital, Maxima Medical Center, and Andros Clinics. Within the Prosper network, prostate cancer surgeries are robot-assisted and performed at CWZ. Prosper continuously works to improve surgical outcomes, including surgical planning. The planning of robot-assisted prostate surgeries is mainly based on MRI images. Through this PhD track, you will contribute to this.

Computational Pathology Group

The Computational Pathology Group is a research group of the department of Pathology of the Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc). We are also part of the cross-departmental Diagnostic Image Analysis Group (DIAG) at Radboudumc, with researchers in the departments of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Pathology and Ophthalmology.

We develop, validate and deploy novel medical image analysis methods, usually based on the newest advances in machine learning with a focus on computer-aided diagnosis (CAD). Application areas include diagnostics and prognostics of breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer, but also non-oncological topics such as kidney transplantation. Our group is among the international front runners in the field, witnessed for instance by the highly successful Camelyon and Panda grand challenges which we organized.


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Please apply before Jul 1st, 2024 via this link. Note that the application page is in Dutch, but English-speaking candidates are also encouraged to apply. If you have any questions about the position, do not hesitate to contact Nadieh Khalili (, Geert Litjens ( or Jean-Paul van Basten (024 365 8832). Note that this vacancy closes on July 1st.


Nadieh Khalili

Nadieh Khalili

Assistant Professor

Computational Pathology Group

Geert Litjens

Geert Litjens


Computational Pathology Group