Monthly DIAG News - April

Awards and grants

  • Kiran Vaidhya Venkadesh has been selected as a fellow in the 2023 Life Sciences & Health round of the NWO research program Faculty of Impact. Read more about this achievement in this news item.

Upcoming events

Stay tuned for upcoming events where our team will be presenting our research findings and engaging with the broader medical imaging community. Here are some events to mark on your calendar:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the months ahead!

Highlighted publications

We are excited to share some of our recent publications!

"Using deep learning to optimize the prostate MRI protocol by assessing the diagnostic efficacy of MRI sequences" - S. Fransen, C. Roest, Q. van Lohuizen, J. Bosma, F. Simonis, T. Kwee, D. Yakar, H. Huisman; Eur J Radiol. 2024.

"Artificial intelligence for automated detection and measurements of carpal instability signs on conventional radiographs" - N. Hendrix, W. Hendrix, B. Maresch, J. van Amersfoort, T. Oosterveld-Bonsma, S. Kolderman, M. Vestering, S. Zielinski, K. Rutten, J. Dammeier, L. Ong, B. van Ginneken, M. Rutten; Eur Radio. 2024.

"Federated learning for prostate cancer detection in biparametric MRI: optimization of rounds, epochs, and aggregation strategy" - A. Moradi, F. Zerka, J. Bosma, D. Yakar, J. Geerdink, H. Huisman, T. Bathen, M. Elschot; SPIE 2024.

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