Monthly DIAG News - May

New DIAG members

We are thrilled to welcome the following new members to DIAG:

Awards and grants

  • Noa Antonissen received the ESTI2024 Cum Laude award by ESTI - European Society of Thoracic Imaging. Read more about this achievement in this news item.

Upcoming events

Stay tuned for upcoming events where our team will be presenting our research findings and engaging with the broader medical imaging community. Here are some events to mark on your calendar:

  • DIAG Day June 19th – Low-cost prenatal ultrasound in low-resource settings: A DIAG day focused on the possibilities and limitations of low-cost prenatal ultrasound in resource-limited settings. This day will start at 9:30h. Don’t forget to sign up!

  • Radboud AI Meetup June 5th (14:30 – 17:00) - Breaking Boundaries with Large Language Models

  • This DIAG member will soon be defending his thesis:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the months ahead!

Highlighted publications

We are excited to share some of our recent publications!

"AI and machine learning in medical imaging: key points from development to translation" - R. Samala, K. Drukker, A. Shukla-Dave, H. Chan, B. Sahiner, N. Petrick, H. Greenspan, U. Mahmood, R. Summers, G. Tourassi, T. Deserno, D. Regge, J. Näppi, H. Yoshida, Z. Huo, Q. Chen, D. Vergara, K. Cha, R. Mazurchuk, K. Grizzard, H. Huisman, L. Morra, K. Suzuki, S. Armato, L. Hadjiiski; BJR Artificial Intelligence 2024.

"Integrating molecular and radiological screening tools during community-based active case-finding for tuberculosis and COVID-19 in southern Africa" - A. Scott, M. Limbada, T. Perumal, S. Jaumdally, A. Kotze, C. van der Merwe, M. Cheeba, D. Milimo, K. Murphy, B. van Ginneken, M. de Kock, R. Warren, P. Gina, J. Swanepoel, L. Kühn, S. Oelofse, A. Pooran, A. Esmail, H. Ayles, K. Dheda; Int J Infect Dis. 2024.

"Radiomics Models for B-mode Breast Ultrasound and Strain Elastography to improve Breast Cancer Diagnosis (INSPiRED 005): An International, Multicenter Analysis" - A. Pfob, T. He, L. Cai, R. Barr, V. Duda, Z. Alwafai, C. Balleyguier, D. Clevert, S. Fastner, C. Gomez, M. Goncalo, I. Gruber, M. Hahn, A. Hennigs, P. Kapetas, S. Lu, J. Nees,R. Ohlinger, F. Riedel, M. Rutten, B. Schaefgen, A. Stieber, R. Togawa, M. Tozaki, S. Wojcinski, C. Xu, G. Rauch, J. Heil, C. Sidey-Gibbons, M. Golatta; Cancer Res. 2024.

"Histology-Based Radiomics for [18F]FDG PET Identifies Tissue Heterogeneity in Pancreatic Cancer" - E. Smeets, M. Trajkovic-Arsic, D. Geijs, S. Karakaya, M. van Zanten, L. Brosens, B. Feuerecker, M. Gotthardt, J. Siveke, R. Braren, F. Ciompi, E. Aarntzen; J. Nucl. Med. 2024.

"Automatic quantification of tumor-stroma ratio as a prognostic marker for pancreatic cancer" - P. Vendittelli, J. Bokhorst, E. Smeets, V. Kryklyva, L. Brosens, C. Verbeke, G. Litjens; PLoS One. 2024.

"Performance of AI to exclude normal chest radiographs to reduce radiologists' workload" - S. Schalekamp, K. van Leeuwen, E. Calli, K. Murphy, M. Rutten, B. Geurts, L. Peters-Bax, B. van Ginneken, M. Prokop; Eur. Radiol. 2024.

"Assessing deep learning reconstruction for faster prostate MRI: visual vs. diagnostic performance metrics" - Q. van Lohuizen, C. Roest, F. Simonis, S. Fransen, T. Kwee, D. Yakar, H. Huisman; Eur. Radiol. 2024.

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