Investigating the surge of commercial AI marketplaces for radiology

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Investigating the surge of commercial AI marketplaces for radiology


In the past years the availability of AI software for radiology has quickly increased. Already over 170 products are available for clinical use in Europe (CE marked). This raises the question for clinical institutes about what is out there and how to choose the right product. As part of the research project AI for Radiology, we have created the website providing a unique overview of available AI software in the space allowing for search and comparison of solutions. This platform is constantly updated and used worldwide for market analysis (+10,000 unique users in past 6 months).

The large market, with mostly AI point solutions, has given rise to so-called AI-marketplaces, aimed at easing clinical implementation and adoption of AI in radiology. Currently, there is no clear overview of the available marketplaces, which of the products they offer and what their way of working is. Also, there is little insight into the clinical adoption of these platforms and what determines their (un)successfulness.

Job description

For this project, you will dive into the world of AI marketplaces for radiology. You will create an overview of the currently available marketplaces. You will investigate the characteristics of the platforms and learn what is important for potential customers/users to know when choosing such a platform. You will be in touch with the marketplace vendors to gather the necessary information. This overview should result in an additional page on listing the marketplaces similarly to the product overview. Furthermore, research questions can be added about the clinical adoption, (potential) impact, cost-benefit analysis, or [your own idea here]. The project should result in a scientific (draft) publication about the overview and outcomes.


  • You are in the final stage of master level studies and looking to do an internship and/or write your graduation thesis.
  • You have an affinity with artificial intelligence in healthcare.
  • You have a background in e.g. health sciences, healthcare policy/innovation/management/business, data science and entrepreneurship.
  • You have a professional attitude as you will be in touch with many external parties.

Conditions of employment

  • Project duration: 5-9 months
  • Location: Radboud university medical center, with (partly) remote working possible
  • Starting date: flexible

How to apply

For more information, please contact Kicky van Leeuwen. If you wish to apply, please send a CV, letter and project availability (start-end time) to Deadline is 10th of October. Interviews will be held in the week of 18 October.


Kicky van Leeuwen

Kicky van Leeuwen

PhD Candidate

Bram van Ginneken

Bram van Ginneken

Professor, Scientific Co-Director